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To encourage anyone to share their knowledge about subjects they are passionate about!


Nowadays, we have many great outlets to learn outside of traditional education systems. We have books. We have YouTube! We have many other internet resources that seek to help people who wish to learn. And they're great! But for some, watching hours of youtube videos or reading hundreds of pages of text can be boring, and depending on the activity, it can be hard to take what you see on the screen, and bring it to life with your own hands. At the other end of the spectrum, going to university or college can be overkill when you just want to get a basic grasp on a subject. It can also be prohibitively expensive.

MNTR aims to lower the barrier for entry in the private mentoring space. Now you don't need to create a website, create advertisements, handle schedules, payments, cancellations, tire kickers and other hassles. Simply upload a lesson within MNTR, set when you're free, and share your lesson link on social media. We handle the rest.

And theres no limit on what you can teach - if you have a talent, you can teach it. Teach a language. Teach people to surf. Teach people how to stay healthy. Teach people how to play competitive hopscotch - If it's a skill, we want to help you get it out there.

It is my hope that MNTR can help bring people together to foster learning of all subjects great and small.



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