MNTR Privacy Policy

Last Updated 13 March, 2019

Sunfall (ABN 41425801597) ("Sunfall", "We" or "Us", makers of the MNTR Platform) manages the information that We collect from you in accordance with all applicable privacy legislation in Australia and all countries in which the MNTR Platform operates.

This Privacy Policy describes how Sunfall handles your personal information, and sets out the rights and obligations that both you and Sunfall have in relation to your personal information.

By accessing (the "Site") you accept and agree to the terms and conditions of the MNTR Platforms Terms of Service ("Terms of Service"), which includes your consent to, and authorization of, the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Note that under the MNTR Platforms terms and conditions of use, you must not use the Site if you are under 18 years of age.

1. Collection and Use of Your Personal Information

Sunfall provides a unique platform to enable the ease and acceleration of in-person learning and teaching opportunities to those who may otherwise be unable to establish themselves in the private education and mentoring space ("MNTR Platform").

To provide functionality required by the MNTR Platform, you are required to provide certain personal information. A basic Member account is required to provide, but is not limited to, your email address, first and last names, and a password. Members wishing to Mentor will be required to provide more details about themselves. This may vary by region and country, and can include, but is not limited to, your phone number, date of birth, bank account details, address and government ID. Members wishing to participate in Lessons will be required to provide debit or credit card details in order to pay for the Lesson.

With the exception of Banking Details and Card information (as described in Section 2. Payments), all information submitted by Members is available to Us for use in enabling the proper functionality of the MNTR Platform and for ensuring all Members act in good faith (including Ratings and Reviews, Lesson Details, Contracts and Contract Events). All necessary details regarding your specified Lessons, Availabilities and general information (First and Last name) is also available to other Members of the MNTR Platform.

Sunfall collects this data from you to facilitate the following functionality from the MNTR Platform:

  • Account creation, identification and authentication
  • To enable the creation and publishing of Lessons on the MNTR Platform
  • To enable the creation of Contracts between Students and Mentors for mentoring
  • To provide and improve our services
  • To ensure that Sunfall and its Members receive payment for their services where applicable
  • To contact you
  • On an aggregate basis to help us understand our customers and grow our userbase
  • To provide or arrange for internal or external verification services
  • To provide or arrange for external payment services

Sunfall endeavours to ensure that any sensitive information of yours is not shared to other Members, including but not limited to your email address and home address. We suggest that Mentors always meet their students in a public space prior to a lesson (until the Members are known to each other) and to not list their exact address when putting Lessons online.

Your location can be, at your choosing, collected at multiple points in the app to facilitate creating or searching for lessons. In the instance of creating a lesson, your exact location at that point in time is never shared with any other Members, and is always offset randomly by several hundred meters. You can optionally specify to share your accurate lesson location (For instance, if you have a dedicated meeting spot such as a studio or cafe) with potential Students to enable them to get accurate directions to the specified location.

When starting a lesson, a Students location is required to be collected. Seconds later this is then compared to the Mentors location (accounting for some accuracy errors), and the lesson is started if both Student and Mentor are deemed to have met (This method is in place to reduce likelihood of disputes). After location is determined, the distance of the Student and Mentor is saved within our database - actual location at time of the lesson is then erased and is not viewable by anyone at Sunfall.

Sunfall will never use information of yours that is not already freely public on the MNTR Platform in any marketing or promotional material, however we may use anonymous aggregated data from our users in this instance.

Your user ID, Lessons, Ratings and Reviews, and other related material are all publicly available from within the app or from the MNTR Site. We advise you to use discretion and be cautious when posting. Sunfall in no way accepts responsibility for information you disclose and is voluntarily posted by you in any accessible area of the MNTR Platform Site or Apps.

Sunfall may note and store details of your hardware setup, including but not limited to web browser, operating system, device, and any other software or hardware attributes deemed necessary to improve the MNTR Platform.

Although Sunfall is an Australian business, our data centres can be located in multiple locations across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Your contact information may also be used for accounting, invoicing and billing purposes, marketing purposes, by third party service providers to Sunfall, and to respond to any enquiry you make, in some cases information we collect is transferred overseas. When you contact Sunfall, We may keep a record of the communication(s) between you and Sunfall to help resolve any issues you might have.

2. Payments

Sunfall and the MNTR Platform uses Stripe to provide payment processing (as set out in the Terms of Service). Sunfall is required to provide certain details to Stripe, including your personal information, banking details, and card details to enable payment or payout functionality. AT NO POINT IN TIME IS ANY SENSITIVE BANKING OR DEBIT CARD DETAILS STORED ON SUNFALL SERVERS OR THE MNTR PLATFORM. Instead, information is sent directly from the users device to Stripe servers, who supply a secure Token in return. This token can then be used by the MNTR Platform to initiate payments and payouts on users behalf.

3. Cookies

Cookies may be used by the MNTR Platform website ( for the purpose of storing your preferences and to enable analysis of the MNTR Platforms user base (i.e. number of users, number of users from specific countries and so on).

4. Protecting your Personal Information

All information sent between the MNTR Platform client apps and web servers is encrypted with TLS. Your account is protected by a password of your own choosing. Only the hashed (encrypted) form of your password is stored on our servers. We take all reasonable steps to ensure protection of your data, but cannot guarantee absolute security of our systems, or that we will not be the target of malicious hackers or viruses. In light of this, we cannot and do not ensure or warrant the security or privacy of your personal information. You transmit your personal details to us at your own risk.

You are encouraged to use strong passwords that are unique to the MNTR Platform (not shared with any other service you may use). If you have trouble remembering or creating strong passwords, there are a variety of secure, third party password managers available to assist you, including LastPass, KeePass, 1Password and Dashlane.

5. Third Parties

The MNTR Platform relies on a number of third parties and their API's (Application Programming Interfaces) to operate. These include but are not limited to Stripe, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Google, SendGrid and MongoDB. Sunfall provides these companies only with the minimum information needed to operate the MNTR Platform.

Sunfall cannot be held responsible for, and does not accept responsibility or liability for, the privacy policy of any of these third parties.

If you wish to know more about how your information is used by any of these third parties you may contact us at or through any other means of contact with Sunfall or the MNTR Platform.

6. Marketing

From time to time, Sunfall may run advertising campaigns through third parties, including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook or Google Adwords. These networks allow users to opt-out of these advertising campaigns if the advertisements are of no interest to them. These third parties may use cookies and other web technologies to track your movement around the internet, regardless of whether Sunfall is running a current campaign or not. There are several technologies available, including ad-blockers, if you wish to disallow this type of tracking by third parties as you browse the internet.

7. Communications

Sunfall reserves the right to send you administrative and account-related messages that are vital to the functionality of the MNTR Platform and thus cannot be opted out of. To cease this communication from Sunfall or the MNTR Platform you must terminate your account.

If you believe the amount of account-related messages you receive is excessive and do not wish to terminate your account, please contact customer support with your feedback, as we are always looking to improve our services.

It is possible that emails sent to you will arrive in your spam folder. in these circumstances, using whatever means your email provider allows you, you should mark the message as 'not spam' and/or 'important'. This will hopefully prevent future emails from Sunfall or the MNTR Platform from appearing in your spam folder.

8. Access to and Modification of Personal Information

Sunfall will allow you at all times to access, edit or delete information that you have made available to Us or the Members of the MNTR Platform, unless we are legally required to hold such information about you (for instance, in the case of a court order or injunction).

If you wish to access or modify personal information you believe we may have about you which is not readily available to you through the MNTR Platform, you may contact us directly and request a raw copy of your information. We may deny this request if it involves developing entirely new systems or is deemed unreasonably repetitive, except where required by law.

9. Bug Bounties

While Sunfall has no official bug bounty programs in place, all users are encouraged to submit bug reports directly to customer service, where we may, at our sole discretion, implement fixes. Discovery of particularly egregious bugs may not result in monetary reward, but will undoubtedly gain Sunfalls immense respect and admiration. If you wish to discuss possible bug bounties, contact us through our customer service email.

10. Privacy Concerns

If you have any concerns about how We handle your personal information or require further information, please email Sunfall through our customer service email. We will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible to alleviate any of your concerns.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. Sunfall will notify all registered users about any changes to this policy and update the website and all related material. Please check your registered email regularly (including your spam folder!). (ABN 41425801597)